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Cambridge China Hire is the one stop shop for all your catering equipment and furniture hire needs including marquees
We have a large stock of, glasses, crockery, cutlery and linen, Whatever your event from a garden party to a banquet or wedding we have what you need.
For the caterers or those self catering we have lpg cookers, water boilers and 6ft or 3ft Cinders barbecues and electrical appliances, fridges, freezers hot cupboards, etc.
When your event is over just empty out all liquids and remove all the food from the crockery and rinse or wash the cutlery,  we will do the washing up.
Cleaning charge is, 25% of the price of the order for, crockery, glasses and cutlery. With a minimum charge £20.00. will be added to the order.

LPG 6 Ring oven and Cinder BBQ's and all gas and electrical appliances, £20.00 per hour cleaning charge.
A refundable deposit charge towards any losses or damage of, 25% of the total order price, will be added to the order with a minimum refundable deposit charge of £60.00.


Our minimum hire order to collect is, £40.00, excluding the cleaning charge. Delivery and collection minimum hire order is, £50.00 excluding the delivery charge and the cleaning charge. A surcharge will be added to meet the minimum hire charges if necessary. Due to Covid protocols all orders are subject to a automatic cleaning charge, 30% of the order with a minimum cleaning charge £25.00, whatever the size of the order. All prices on the website, are subject to change, without notification  

Customers placing orders or accepting quotations, are considered to be accepting our conditions of hire

The following hire rates shows how our hire periods are calculated.
A single hire rate will normally be when the order is delivered before the day of your event and collected the day after.
If its a weekend, orders would normally be delivered on the Friday and collected on the Monday and the single hire rate will still apply.
The above also applies to customers collecting and returning orders from our premises.

1+ days price x 1 (Single hire rate)
4+ days price x 1.5
5+ days price x 2
8+ days price x 3
12+ days price x 4
15+ days price x 5
18+ days price x 6

Orders not returned by the due date, will be charged 25% of the order per day thereafter, for orders without prior arrangements.
The minimum order value for collection from our premises is £40.00
Please have a adequate size of vehicle to collect your order.
The equipment hired remains the property of Cambridge China Hire Ltd, at all times.
No responsibility will be accepted by Cambridge China hire, and will not be under no liability what so ever, for any injury or damage to person or property, however caused for any of the equipment hired.
No responsibility will be accepted for, malfunction, breakdown, accidents or damage, resulting in the use of hire equipment however caused.
It is the hirer's responsibility to ensure they have adequate insurance to cover for any loss, theft, damage, or injury to persons, for the equipment hired

Full payment is required before the delivery or event date, an emailed invoice will be sent for payment online
All prices are subject to change without prior notification
The loss/damage deposit will be refunded as soon as the order has been checked on return,  depending on our workload at the time,
If any losses / breakages / additional charges occure, it will be taken out of the deposit paid and the balance refunded.
If the deposit does not cover the items missing or damaged, a further invoice will be issued for
immediate payment on receipt. 

A charge of 25% of the order value will be added automatically to the invoice for the cleaning ,  Cutlery, Glasses/Glassware and crockery/china, with a minimume charge of £25.00 no matter how small the order.
Additional charge will be made for any food or liquids not removed from the items hired.
A charge of £20.00 per hour for cleaning of gas and electical equipment will be made for items not cleaned before return.
Cutlery must be rinsed or washed after use.
On no account must scourers be used on any equipment hired
We have a minimum order value for delivery of £60.00 excluding the cleaning charge and the loss and damage deposit charge.
Deliveries and collection are Monday to Friday between 9am and 1pm
Additional charges will be made for any weekend deliveries
Our delivery charges are calculated to the postcode of the delivery address and include the additional return trip charge to collect.
Deliveries and collections are door to door, to and from a single ground floor point only, and does not include, placing or setting up furniture, or re-packing crockery, glasses or cutlery into delivery boxes, dismantling or having to reassemble the hire equipment after use. If extra time is involved and another collection is required to collect any surplus hire equipment not ready for collection, additional charges will be made.
No responsility will be accepted for any damage, however caused, after the customer requested the delivery of the order or set up of furniture to be into the venue, and any damaged caused will be the responsibility of the hirer.
Adequate legal parking arrangements must be made for delivery of the order as any parking charge incurred on delivery or collection will be the responsibility of the hirer and a additional invoice will be sent to cover the cost or taken out of the deposit.
No responsibility will be taken if the requested delivery times are not met
The price of linen hire,  includes the cleaning charge
Table linen must not be stored damp or wet or left outside or put in plastic bags (bin liners) as mildew will develope within a hours, please allow damp linen to dry completly before packing away, and be free of any food or any other debris before returning
Damage resulting in mildew, stains or burn marks, candle wax, ballpoint or felt tip pen marks , adhesive tape, any marks that will not respond to laudering will be charged for at the full replacement cost.

On delivery of the equipment hired, the customer is responsible for checking the order immediatly and telling us of any shortages or damage by sending an email or leaving a answer phone message, if your call is not anwered leave a message telling us of the shortages or any damage as both of these methods are timed.
No count of equipment will be made on delivery or collection.
No claims of any shortages, damage or malfunction of equipment hired will not be considered after the day of hire or on return to our premises. No credit will be given for unused items.
It is the condition of hire that in the absence of evidence to the contrary, our count of the hired items at our premises before delivery and after the return of the equipment is final. all equipment is counted twice before delivery or leaving our premises and twice on return.
No other count will be accepted.

All furniture and equipment are solely intended to be used and stored indoors, with the exception of resin garden furniture, and any damage resulting from damp and wet will be charged for.

All furniture hire, is delivery only, no collections

LPG Gas appiances must not be used below ground level and should be sited in a well ventilated area
The loss / damage and additional charges deposit,  is added to the invoice with a minimum charge of £60.00,  if loss or damage or any additional charges is exceded a further invoice will be issued with payment due within 7 days.
This charge wll go toward to the full cost of replacement to any part of the order lost or damaged during hire including all Euro delivery boxes and glass crates. No substitute item will be accepted.
The customer is responsible for the order from the time of delivery to the time of collection and will be resposible for the order if left unattended after delivery or before collection.

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