Cutlery Hire Prices No VAT
Bead Cutlery   Pack of 10Kings CutleryPack of 10Dubbary CutleryPack of 10   Serving Utensils   Price per item
 Table Knife£2.00Table Knife£2.00Table Knife£2.00Serving spoon0.45p
Table Fork£2.00Table Fork£2.00Table Fork£2.00Serving Fork0.45p
Dessert Knife£2.00Dessert Knife£2.00Dessert Knife£2.00Tongs  (various)0.70p
Dessert Fork£2.00Dessert Fork£2.00Dessert Fork£2.00Ladles  (various)0.70p
Starter Knife£2.00Starter knife£2.00Starter knife£2.00Fish Server0.70p
Starter Fork£2.00Starter Fork£2.00Starter Fork£2.00Pie Slice0.70p
Dessert Spoon£2.00Dessert Spoon£2.00Dessert Spoon£2.00Cake Slice0.70p
Soup Spoon£2.00Soup Spoon£2.00Soup Spoon£2.00BBQ Tongs0.70p
Tea Spoon£2.00Tea Spoon£2.00Tea Spoon£2.00Cheese Knife0.75p
Fish Knife£2.00

Wedding Cake Knife£10.00
Fish Fork£2.00

Wedding Cake Server£8.00
Steak Knife£2.50

Various wedding cake stands availableStarting From £25.00

Cake Fork£2.00

Hired in packs of 10 only

We do not charge VAT