Glass Hire Prices and Bar Accessories

Glass Hire Prices and Bar Accessories

All Hire Prices, are per item

Juniper 680ml Gin Glass0.35pIsland Shot Glass  60ml0.20p
Champagne Saucer  240ml0.35pShot Glass    30ml0.20p
Martini/Cocktail Glass  160ml0.35pPort Glass  120ml0.20p
Martini/Cocktail Black Stem 150ml Glass0.60pBrandy Glass0.35p
Cabernet Tulip Wine Glass  250ml0.30pSherry Schooner  30ml0.20p
Cabernet Tulip Wine Glass  350ml0.35pWhiskey Tumbler  170ml0.20p
Cabernet Tulip Wine Glass  470ml0.40pHi-Ball Glass  284ml0.20p
Brandy Glass  180ml0.25pHi-Ball Slim Jim Glass  350ml0.20p
Champagne Flute  170ml0.25pHandled Coffee/Punch Glass  250ml0.20p
Pint Glass0.20p1lt glass jug                £1.50
Pint Glass Mug0.25pPimms or ice jug (4 pints)£2.60
Trumpet Champagne Flute0.30p

Bar Accessories

Beer Barrel Auto Tilt£25.00Stainless Steel Punch Bowl£20.00
Large Ice bucket for wine bottles and cans of beer£8.00Table top Ice machine£40.00
Optic Stand£8.00Manual ice crusher£5.50
Bar mounted corkscrew£7.50Ice bucket£.3.50
Bar Measures. 50ml, 125ml, 175ml. price each£2.60Wine bucket£3.50
Wine glass plate clip£0.60pWine Bucket stand£4.00
Tablecloth, table clip£0.50pSingle wine bottle cooler£3.00

We do not charge VAT.   Minimum order for collecting is £40.00. Minimum order for delivery is £50.00 excluding the delivery and cleaning charges.