Electrical Appliances
Soup Kettle£20.00

Water boiler£20.00Hot Cupboard with baine marie£110.00
Double plate warmer£60.00Hot Cupboard with baine marie
and heated light gantry  Delivery only

Hot Cupboard  £75.00
Single plate warmer£35.00Table top hot plate with heated light gantry£80.00
Hot Dog Steamer£30.00Table Top Hotplate£30.00
Hot dog sausage roller£50.00Bake Potatoe Oven£60.00
6ft Glass fronted refrigerator.        £75.00Candy Floss machine£65.00
Chest Freezer£60.00Pop corn machine£65.00
55 Cup Coffee Percolator£30.00Table top heated display
Refrigerated Cold counter with lighted gantry£140.00