China and Crockery Hire Prices

China and Crockery Hire Prices
Bone China Gold Rim     Price per item       Plain White    Price Per item  Buckingham Design     Price per item
Dinner Plate       27cm35pDinner Plate    27cm20pDinner Plate    27cm22p
Dessert Plate    20cm30pDessert Plate  20cm20pDessert Plate  20cm22p
Starter Plate      20cm30pStarter Plate    20cm20pStarter Plate    20cm22p
Side Plate          16.7cm25pSide Plate        16.7cm18pSide Plate        16.7cm20p
Tea Cup30pTea/Coffee Cup20pTea Cup22p
Tea Saucer25pSaucer18pTea Saucer22p
Coffee Cup30pMilk Jug80pCoffee Cup22p
Coffee Saucer25pSugar Bowl80pCoffee Saucer22p
Milk/Cream Jug£80pDessert Bowl20pDessert Bowl22p
Sugar Bowl80pRimmed Soup Bowl25pRimmed Bowl25p
Butter Dish80pPasta Bowl35pTea Pot
Salt & Pepper Pots£2.00Rice Bowl20pMilk Jug80p

Butter Dish50p

Salt & Pepper Pots (pair)£1.20

White Mug20p

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